2016 Club Competitions - 

Presidents Cup - date tbc

Veterans Cup - date tbc

Ladies Cup - date tbc

Smaller Round Robin Competitions are run throughout the season - a great way to enjoy an afternoons bowling with friends! 

Previous winners -

Year           Presidents Cup             Ladies Cup         Veterans Cup
1977          T Roberts No Winner No Winner
1978       T Roberts No Winner No Winner
1979       T Roberts Mrs E Whalley No Winner
1980       T Roberts Mrs M Foden No Winner
1981       T Roberts Mrs P Booth Mrs M Smallw'd
1982       T Roberts Mrs M Foden T Lloyd
1983       T Roberts Mrs M Foden T Lloyd
1984       C Foden Mrs K M Peers R Hewson
1985       T Roberts Mrs H Peters T Lloyd
1986       M Maddox Mrs H Peters W B Evans
1987       T Roberts Mrs H Peters J Horobin
1988       P Mitchell Mrs M Cheetham R Killeen
1989       T Roberts Mrs M Cheetham R Halsall
1990       M Roberts Mrs M Cheetham G Cheetham
1991       T Roberts Mrs M Cheetham P Egan
1992       M Roberts Mrs J Wood P Egan
1993       T Roberts Mrs M Cheetham G Fresle
1994       J D Espley Mrs M Cheetham J E Espley
1995       M Roberts Mrs K Hutton J E Espley
1996       M Roberts Mrs K Hutton G Cheetham
1997       J Jones Mrs M Margerrison G Fresle
1998       M Roberts Mrs M Cheetham G Fresle
1999       T Roberts Mrs K Hutton No Winner
2000       P Mitchell Mrs M Margerrison B Jones
2001       P Maddox Mrs K Hutton P Mitchell
2002       P Mitchell Mrs K Hutton D Forrester
2003       P Mitchell Mrs M Margerrison J Atherton
2004       T Roberts Mrs M Margerrison M Maddox
2005       T Roberts Mrs K Hutton P Mitchell
2006       L Glazier Mrs K Hutton J Atherton
2007       T Roberts Mrs M Margerrison R Stanworth
2008       J Hutton Mrs M Margerrison J Hutton
2009       W Ellson Mrs H Dodd T Roberts
2010       M Roberts Mrs M Margerrison T Roberts
2011       M Roberts Mrs A Lloyd P Mitchell
2012       A Penlington Mrs M Cheetham J Newton
2013       F Penlington Mrs S Smith T Roberts

2014    F Penlington Mrs E Jones R Stanworth


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